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Essay on jesus and mental health assessment

essay on jesus and mental health assessment

He then asked Mary how she would prefer to be addressed. The important thing was to have Mary at ease. Brereton (1995) has identified that listening skills dominate talking skills; in the context of a psychiatric assessment this showed that a client's condition gives added value if the doctor is able to give time to the patient to express herself rather than give her (the. The third part of the essay will be a reflection on the EBL, where I show more content (Mcsherry, 2000,.25). Print, reference this, published: 23rd March, 2015, in the domain of psychiatry and specifically in the area of mental health nursing, it is essential that an early, quality assessment with accurate information is gathered about the patient. "Ensuring Effective Assessment In Psychiatry And Mental Health Nursing Essay." All Answers Ltd.

Cite weblastEssays firstUK urlp? The critical resemblance between religion and spirituality is seen by these groups of people as they believe that god is seen as not only being approachable but. Thompson and Mathias (2000) suggest that careful attention should be given to these points. . Keep on browsing if you are OK with that, or find out how to manage cookies.

Ensuring Effective Assessment In Psychiatry And Mental Study On, comprehensive Mental Health Nursing Assessment Assessment, essay - 1711 Words Assessment and Practice of Mental Health Needs - UK, essays Comprehensive Mental Health Assessment - Free, essays, Term

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Mary refuses to eat and drinks only when her body demands. In defining spirituality much of the literature equates spirituality with religion. It must contain a detailed and precise record of what happened and any answers given to often very structured forms of psychological questioning. The nurse identified her presentation as familiar with that of depression and her diagnosis was supported by her confirmation of not wanting to eat or drink and feeling uncomfortable around people. Mcsherry (2000) defined this as expressing ones value and beliefs about self, humanity, life and god. This will make me more aware of my communication skills. Brief periods of general chat opened the session to set an ambient atmosphere for the interview. Nelson-Jones, (2002) mentions that the inability of patients to maintain prolonged eye contact would indicate he/she may be in a withdrawn state or feel uncomfortable in his/her condition. Barker (1997) further stated that over enthusiasm about eye contact might cause an aggressive or confrontational experience. Us a firm, we believe on this thus we give special care when your paper is being delivered. Choose the best solution for you. The second part of the essay will critically analyse a clinical experience related to the concept of spirituality.

This introductory phase is also referred to as the orientation or pre-helping phase. Whilst Mary's medical condition was not assessed as being immediately life-threatening her psychological presentation gave the nurse no other alternative than to contact the on call senior psychiatric house officer to conduct an assessment (bio/soc/psy evaluation) of her mental state. The nurse summarised in terms that Mary could understand, and identified key points discussed, gaining Mary's affirmation that her interpretation was valid. Thus, it was stated that the term spirituality has derived from the Latin word spirare, which can be interpreted as to breathe life (Mcsherry, 2000). 2000) to be present. In keeping with the Code of Confidentiality as is required by (An Bord Altranais (ABA) 2000 relating to client confidentiality, names and locations involved have been changed.